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Hair Removal Specialist

Cary Laser Aesthetics

Vijaya Polavaram, MD

Medical Aesthetic Specialist & Internist located in Cary, NC

With Cynosure Icon™ MaxR™ laser hair removal, you can permanently reduce hair growth on your legs, arms, armpits, bikini line, chest, back, or other areas. If you want smooth skin, but don’t want to spend countless hours on hair removal, book a laser hair removal consultation with Vijaya Polavaram, MD at Cary Laser Aesthetics in Cary, North Carolina through the online tool or by phone now.

Hair Removal Q & A

What areas can I have treated with laser hair removal?

At Cary Laser Aesthetics, Dr. Polavaram uses the Cynosure Icon MaxR laser for hair removal. This state-of-the-art laser can permanently reduce hair nearly anywhere. The most common treatment areas are:

  • Your face
  • Your armpits
  • Your arms
  • Your legs
  • Your chest
  • Your back
  • Your bikini area

One of the things that really sets the Cynosure Icon MaxR laser apart from all the others in its category is its flexibility. It can safely treat all skin types, and it can also treat anything from small to large areas.

How does laser hair removal work?

Dr. Polavaram controls the laser device at all times during your laser hair removal. She targets hair follicles, and the Cynosure Icon MaxR sends a beam of laser light below the skin. This destroys the pigment inside and permanently damages the follicle to prevent it from growing new hairs.

You may feel some warmth or a small snapping sensation during your laser hair removal, but you'll be comfortable thanks to the Cynosure Icon MaxR's built-in contact cooling technology. The cool air balances out the heat from the laser quite effectively.

Your treatment session can last anywhere from just five minutes for small areas like your upper lip up to around an hour for larger areas like your legs.

How do I prepare for laser hair removal?

Dr. Polavaram will give you specific guidelines ahead of time. Usually, this includes:

  • Not using other hair removal methods (shaving is typically fine)
  • Not using lotion, gel, or cream on the treatment area on hair removal day
  • Avoiding sun exposure, as a sunburn can make hair removal uncomfortable

Dr. Polavaram will discuss your medications with you ahead of time, as you may need to make some temporary changes. For example, you may need to temporarily stop taking blood thinners.

How often do I need laser hair removal?

Most patients get optimal results after three to six treatments, with sessions separated by at least a month. Once you've achieved the desired results, Dr. Polavaram may recommend periodic maintenance sessions to deal with stray hairs or regrowth. If you have regrowth, you'll likely have much finer hairs.

Use online booking, or call Cary Laser Aesthetics to schedule your laser hair removal today.