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Cary Laser Aesthetics

Vijaya Polavaram, MD

Medical Aesthetic Specialist & Internist located in Cary, NC

Acne is the most common skin ailment that is present among adolescents and young adults, but it is also a condition that affects many age groups. Starting December 2023, Cary Laser and Aesthetics proudly offers AviClear, the laser that is FDA cleared to treat mild to severe acne by targeting the source. The AviClear laser is a great option for acne treatment without the use of oral acne or topical medications. 

Treatment Overview: 

What to expect: 

During the appointment, the skin will be cleansed before treatment with the laser. As the laser is applied to your acne-affected areas, you may feel a slightly warm sensation as the laser targets the sebaceous, or oil, glands. The laser is equipped with a special technology that cools the skin to make the treatment more comfortable for patients. It typically will not require an anesthetic. . 

Each patient will require three treatments one month apart. Each treatment usually lasts 30 minutes in duration and is safe for all skin types. Aftercare consists of sunscreen application daily. 

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Aviclear FAQ’s 

1) What Areas Does AviClear Treat?

  • Face

  • Back 

  • Chest 

2)Why choose AviClear?

The AviClear laser is a treatment option for acne that requires little to no maintenance. Other alternatives such as topical prescriptions and oral pills have unwanted side effects and can often be difficult to maintain. 

3)Is AviClear a permanent treatment option?

The AviClear laser treatment offers long term results, in many cases lasting for a few years before a follow-up session is needed. For the best results, it is recommended that you keep up with an appropriate skin care routine.